i created an art blog

…because it’s time that I did.

Here’s what I so far have there…

aaubhteart blog & more

Hello, my name is June and I’m a twenty-five-year-old self-proclaimed freelance artist (illustrator/designer) though I’ve not made money with my art before (unless I count that one time a high school teacher of mine requested for a watercolor painting and paid me for it). Okay… so we can totally count that.

20151127_155049.jpghow it didn’t start

They tell you to reach for your dreams just so they can crush it with their own hands. I’m talking about “adults”.

I was afraid of life so I let them dictate my life. I slowly lost myself and the worst thing was, I hated myself for giving up one me. Rather than take them out of the equation, I added self-pity and hatred. I became afraid of me. Who was I? I had no idea.

It’s probably nothing new to you guys but I do examine my life through my artist side and how my life experiences have affected my art. I know I’ve delved into that before but I’ll get into more depth about it on my art blog.

If you’re interested in art, check it out! I’ll also talk about inspirations and how I created some of my art pieces throughout my life. I’ll even have sketchbook throwbacks.

junesketches blogs about art



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