my shoppe

Self-advertising because this is pretty much my life atm, getting my art life finally together. Lol As in, things I’d been working on are coming together full circle.

Shop Banner

The image above directs you to the shop.

Currently, I have five artworks available in merch like shirts, stickers, tumblers, and pouches. You can also get them as prints if you want. ^^

I’m also at KoFi [dot] com.

If you buy me coffee (or tea) which is about $3, you get a portrait of you or anyone you want. This is the style:


Donating more? For a person that donated $6, I customized their portrait by adding fictional elements. I’ll also be adding other elements, like for this sample, I plan to add things like throwing stars, shells, and crosses to match the theme. (She’s a mermaid-ninja-vampire.)


In the future, I also plan to offer other things that you can buy like couple illustrations or pet and owner. But that’s still a bit far from today.


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