making art and reading poetry

So, I tried something new today. Sort of.

I read my poetry out loud… and I recorded it.


Hear me out first before I show you the video. I’ve been dying to mesh together my love for art and writing on one platform for forever. I mean, I self-advertise here on my blog all the time but it never felt right. When I made the video, I immediately thought, “wow, this is super cool”. Granted that I am totally in love with my work and with myself these days. Lol.

Least to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

I picked some old poems to fit the artwork. I hope you guys enjoy it. I’m thinking I may do it again and maybe even read Listening to Georgiana and other stories I have. I really like reading aloud. Hehehe.


(I think this video is rather fitting for this year… My aunt’s getting married this coming Wednesday. My sister’s getting married June. This commission was for a friend’s mom, reminding her of the wonderful years she had with her late husband. It’s Spring. I mean, I’m all about love.)


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