ginger the thief

Sounds like a pretty good story… except it’s not. It’s the hashtag I use to document a family pet’s habit of stealing my seat or distracting me from working.

Her name was Ginger and she passed away this afternoon. Practically in my arms. She was an adorable mixed breed of Pomeranian and Chihuahua. She was adorable. Didn’t bark too often but she suffered from an enlarged heart and fluids in her lungs.

My mom adopted her back in 2011 from a woman who was scheduled to fly back to her birth country to retire and be surrounded by her family. She couldn’t take Ginger, so she put out a contest, a writing contest for anyone. Whoever could prove to be the best parent and home, she would give Ginger to them. My mom won.

We welcomed her into our home quickly and almost flawlessly. Ever since then she’s been right there.

We used to watch all sorts of tv shows together from Pretty Little Liars to Hercule Poroit to The Secret of Kells to the very last show we saw together today, Trollhunters Season 2 because we watched the first together last year. She enjoyed the occasional vlog on Youtube. We listened to French cafe songs with the occasional rap songs. We loved the classics and instrumentals. I think she was fond of Johann Pachelbel but I couldn’t find my collection. We took naps, far more than we should’ve.


She always understood that I needed cuddling during that time of the month. And I cuddled with her as many times for however long I could. This little girl was very close to my heart.

When I lost my first pet- my own very first pet PJ- I was sad. Losing Ginger is devastating. I only had PJ for half a year. I’ve been with Ginger for almost a decade. It was getting there.

I never imagined last Christmas would be our last Christmas with her.

c2ecf946bdaf8490d4d315127131b22ccb60c4a4_hq You never really know when someone’s last Christmas will be or when any of their lasts will be… Today was the last time I’d be sitting on the couch with her, watching tv. Today would be the last time she enters my room, bothers me, prevents me from working, and just cuddles with me. Today was the last day she’d hear my voice.

I’m extremely sad but I’m really glad I put everything down to be with her at just the right moment. I’m will never regret not finishing work because she wanted to be with someone today. I’m relieved to know that she didn’t die alone.


2 thoughts on “ginger the thief

  1. I feel tears for your love, and for your loss. I know she will visit you often from that other realm, you’ll catch her shadow from the corner of your eye. Sending thoughts of comfort your way … 😢🙏💗🎄

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