rebranding but not really

wipI’ve been thinking. Again. As always. Like all times, it’s about my writing and my art.

I’ve been testing out a site for my art since the start of the year: this one. And honestly, there’s no community to build with there. It feels isolated. Certain things look really cool because of the different widgets available BUT I’ve used WordPress for so long now that nothing seems to compare. The ease of use is incomparable.

Is it artist friendly though?

I’m rebranding- in that I’d like to show more of my personality to those who follow my art journey. In this blog, I get to show all my colors and a part of me that makes me who I am. Whereas, I don’t or haven’t really been able to do that with my art.

For one, I draw “cute” things but I write about depression. I write about mental health. I thought or think still that they don’t quite fit. Right?

I want to able to do both. On the same platform. I would like to just be one nameIs that a possibility? Am I welcome to do that?

Anyone have any thoughts about this?????


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