for always, a video

Another video. Art and Writing Video.


I basically draw and read a short story I wrote.

eve1Before I get to the video, let me talk a little about Evangeline Vasquez’s importance to me and the story of Georgiana. Basically, the motivation for half the story is this girl here who sets herself up as someone beautiful and admirable but deep inside she’s hurting and often in mental anguish. To Georgiana, she’s like a hero, someone to look up to and not necessarily be like her.

Though I often use her as a parallel to Georgiana, she’s really the stepping stone to our main girl’s journey. Without her, there wouldn’t be Listening to Georgiana.

To sum it all up, she’s the girl Georgiana will forever and always see as the brilliant and beautiful sort of tragedy. Much like Gatsby of The Great Gatsby. You can’t help but like her and feel bad for her circumstances that would have otherwise been different if only.

Personally, she means a great deal to me, one of the few I’d come out to about my depression when I was first learning about it. She was a person who really listened to me and heard what I had to say. I am always full of regret for not having been able to be there for her in her time of need and I’m always, always wishing the best for her.

For always.

(If you want to read along>> Story 02 – For Always)


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