Georgiana Mendoza

georgianaSynopsis of are you listening? this is Georgiana.

Georgiana Mendoza had enough of running and the best way to stop was to run one last time. She’s been stuck, unable to make the next move in her life and with her twenty-fifth birthday looming over her head, she feels time is just about run out for her. Transplanting from one country to another was nothing new to her after all, the Philippines to the Americas and now to the country of love, France. She’s been running her entire life, what was one more run?

In the hopes of figuring out where her life is meant to lead her, she embarks on a journey that forces her to face demons she’d been afraid to even think of. From dreamcatchers, rosaries, bandages, and an old razor, she’ll have to recall her past if she ever wants to move forward with her life.

The thing about this story is, it’s been in the works for way over a decade. You could even say, it’s almost been two decades. It’s the story of my life except it’s also a story about Georgiana’s. It’s like rectangles and squares. B can be A, but A can never be B. I’m Georgie but Georgie isn’t me.

It’s complicated in the way that I can’t explain just that even though I write her thinking of me at times and having her go through similar obstacles, how she goes about it, how she gets to her answers and whatnots, that’s all her because I’m still on my journey. Georgie’s got it all figured out.