le voyage

I’m trying to remedy a lot of my anxiety and bouts of depression in ways I enjoy. I liked my antidepressant that I had taken over the course of last year but find that I’m slowly wanting to ween off pills. In time, I’d also like to solve my Midol need.

Mostly, the journey will be about depression. I’ll try my best to record how I’m doing and what I’m doing. I know I’ve been missing every so often. I’d really love to get back to writing and painting again.

A lot of what I’ll be doing is based on some research and recipes I’ve been collecting since I started two Octobers ago.

I’ll collect them all here as best I can.

le voyage

Poem 97. What is Hello?

there’s no plan

Poem 98. this is 25.

I finished, now what?

my dream