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georgianaNovel. are you listening? this is Georgiana.

genre. mature creative non-fiction

Georgiana Mendoza had enough of running and the best way to do that was to uproot herself. Transplanting from one country to another was nothing new to her after all, the Philippines to the Americas and now to the country of love, France.

In the hopes of figuring out where her life is meant to lead her, she embarks on a journey that forces her to face demons she’d been too afraid to even think of. From dreamcatchers, rosaries, bandages, and an old razor, she’ll have to recall her past to move forward.



georgiana-1Novel. Magie Mordu (Ce Sont Les Contes)

genre. fantasy fiction

So long as magic existed, so did the tales told under the midnight skies within the mysterious tents of a circus that long ago existed. Though now only a myth, spread by word, some still say they have seen the wonders and their dreams fulfilled.

While others have been known to regard these people lunes, they remain believers of the magic, of the spontaneity, of the man in the top hat and his candy cane, of the woman in black with silvery eyes, of the man behind the glass, of the girls that danced like trees to the music of the wind and to the girl who greeted them at every visit.

And as they continued to believe in the wishes of their silent hearts, they were welcomed each time to the magnificent Le Cirque d’Etoilles.


georgiana-6Novel. Inhuman Robin

genre. adventure romance science fiction

Annabelle Briggs was skeptical when it came to zombies. There was no way they could ever exist. Even if they did, the brain would be dead and therefore there was nothing to fear. That’s what she desperately wanted to believe when judgement day came and zombies were no longer as fictional as Winnie the Pooh.

Too bad she’d spent all twenty years of her life living a normal lazy girl’s life. If only she’d at least exercised!


georgiana-4Fanfiction. The Tale of Juniper

genre. mature fiction

Juniper Black knew the world was not on her shoulders for that was Harry Potter’s responsibility but for a girl who’s world danced around her siblings, a promise she unwittingly vows makes it feel like the world is on her shoulders. She’d do anything to keep that promise even if it means giving up herself. She’s a dead girl and she knows it. Still, during her journey, until that day comes she makes it her duty to turn the lives of the people she deems worthy of second chances —despite their unwillingness to be saved.


cara-allenNovel. Tea & Coffee and the Ultimate Adventure

genre. family young adult coming of age fiction

Don’t ask Daniel Allen to navigate through life without his soulmate Caroline Allen, let alone asking him to be a father. Somehow being a dad eluded him. It’s not like Cara knew how to be a daughter anyway. She had no clue how to be a girl without her mother to guide her. And high school? She’d rather curl up on her mother’s favorite rocking chair with coffee in her hand and a book on the other.

With the help of busy body neighbor, Vincent Gregor, they’ll all figure out life without quirky, eccentric, magic-believing Caroline Allen.