listening to georgiana characters

chart-rheanne-andrewsGeorgiana Mendoza

23 years old at the start of the story. An aspiring artist with a tendency for overlooking the important things in her life. She currently resides at St. Francis Maison, the fourth room at the farthest end of the dormitory wing.

She prefers not to mingle with the others if it can be helped.

The Girls

chart-rheanne-andrews-02Genevieve + Gemma Mendoza

Two unlikely sisters bound by blood and also by tears. No matter their differences by the end of the day that which chains them down saves them as well.

chart-lilly-bradleyLilly Buenaflor + Madison Emerson

The strong school-days best friend with a knack for protecting her friends. She’s got talents across the board. Don’t confuse her for lost, she’s just wandering for the sake of the journey even if she doesn’t know it yet, herself.

And the girl who changed Georgiana’s mind about keeping to herself at all times.

chart-katie-wyndhamEvangeline Vasquez + Avery Wolfe

Evan in red and Avery in peach—two girls whose hearts have been broken too many times they’ve lost count… not that they were ever counting. Two girls constantly shaping the workings of a mind so lost she needed to run away to another country to get her bearings, yup, Georgiana.


Sunshine Dwight + Josephine Vernon

Late they may have come by time’s standard count but late they weren’t when it came to Georgiana. Sunshine was the epitome of sunny. Josephine was dusk. No matter what, they brought light to the darkness Georgiana basked in.

The Boys

chart-niall-carterGabriel Mendoza + Niall Carter

One year apart and younger than Georgiana. They were great friends growing up but time pulls everyone apart just as well as distance.

The typical brother, Gabe… well, maybe not so typical. Niall the unavailable next door neighbor.

chart-rhett-brandonSebastian Daniels + Rhett Brandon

If we’re talking typical, there’s these two. Typical bad boy types. Beware, girls, a definite chance of falling for the wrong kind and indefinite possibility of falling out of love. Don’t jump the cliff if you can’t fly.

chart-damian-dyerRobert Torres + Kent Seddon

But not all boys are bad. Some, like Robby and Kent, can be good for the soul if you’re lucky enough to be the one to spend a lifetime with them. Otherwise, maybe it’s better to have broken promises than unfulfilled ones.

Either way, Georgiana’s already been there and done that.

chart-rowan-sarteAdam Dalton + Jonathan Marquez

If you’re lucky, you’ll come across an Adam or John in your lifetime. They’ll be the best thing in your life. They offer a fun friendship and siblinghood you couldn’t ever get anywhere else, at least for Georgie, they were those people.