an end to one journey

Things proceeded as they did and definitely not how I predicted. I thought it was befitting to post one last time here, a post only found here. I moved. To my own domain. My writings have found a new home with my art and all things I love to do. Before you click on theContinue reading “an end to one journey”

honest musing

Would you read my musings still if I moved? I’m often afraid. I’m often afraid that no one reads my ramblings but when the fear subsides, I’m actually relieved to have a platform to rant and get wild. I am going to learn how to transfer this blog to the site I’m working on becauseContinue reading “honest musing”

i’m not closing the doors

to this blog. It’s where I dump unadulterated feelings and a very good medium for me to just let out any unrefined thoughts about how to go about my journey in life. That said, I’m really looking forward to incorporating my writing and art together. I’m making a new site. It’s called “June Adupe” whereContinue reading “i’m not closing the doors”

i thought a lot about my life

I thought a lot about my life and where it’s going. I’m wondering if I’m putting energy in the right places- work wise. Some posts ago, I combined my love for art and writing and fell in love with the process/outcome. After random conversations with my brother last month and after ranting to my friendsContinue reading “i thought a lot about my life”