honest musing

Would you read my musings still if I moved? I’m often afraid. I’m often afraid that no one reads my ramblings but when the fear subsides, I’m actually relieved to have a platform to rant and get wild. I am going to learn how to transfer this blog to the site I’m working on becauseContinue reading “honest musing”

how to grow up

I don’t have a saying or a wise introduction. Nothing dramatic. Just, here’s how to grow up. In my family, growing up was always different from maturing. Maturing was becoming an adult at an age of a teen (my sisters). It was about not pointing at what we want at the age of eight (myContinue reading “how to grow up”

la vie. life. buhay.

Say the word in as many languages as you can, it’s all going to be the same. Life will always be what it is may it be difficult or easy is dependent on the person in question. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve introduced my betta yet but I now own a betta fish/ siameseContinue reading “la vie. life. buhay.”

Poem 80

Really… …half the things I say is a version of the truth or the omission. in the end, isn’t it all, an elaborate string of lies? …who else could fall for it but everyone who has ever thought that I could never tell a lie because once a good girl always a good girl. …I’mContinue reading “Poem 80”