minimalistic changes

You can probably tell, I’m in a blogging mood as I’ve blogged in consecutive days now. I’m really enjoying writing about my life and the “steps”. Welcome to a new side of my life. I’ve become one of those minimalists. Or I strive to be as best I can as an artist, crafter, and writer.Continue reading “minimalistic changes”


I just have too much stuff. I could say that they’re all important in my work and life but are they? I don’t have enough storage in my room and reluctant to buy storage. I have old journals and sketchbooks lying everywhere. There are boxes filled with crafting supplies and simple empty boxes to beContinue reading “declutter”

This could be irrelevant…

Or not. I’m selling my old dresses, and other clothes. If you want to check it out: HEREĀ I have 4 listed so far. 3 dresses. 1 coat/vest thing. Just kind of de-cluttering my life/closet and earning money for my art stuff cause applying for jobs is easy, it’s waiting to get one that’s tough.