walking, running, stopping, and walking again

Everyone has moments when they just want to retreat from anyone and everyone who make them feel less than they should be. I get a lot of those days and I deal with it. I think I’ve gotten better at it through these few years. I’m not perfect at it but I can say thatContinue reading “walking, running, stopping, and walking again”

friends lead to tears | rant

Everyone has a point of breaking. I find that mine is often when I talk about my struggles with depression, the lack of support I received, the lack of family and friends I was able to reach out to, and the misconstrued perception of depression. Some have said, we cry during arguments and discussions becauseContinue reading “friends lead to tears | rant”


Friendships can be seriously saddening sometimes. How about that alliteration… Anyway, I get doubts planted and watered in the my head about my friendships because 1. Growing up, friends were manipulative and possessive, 2. They were fake, and 3. They were users, people who only saw me as a tool they can use. So, IContinue reading “friendships”

this is Georgiana. chapter one

I had dreams of an older boy with large hands, and a gentle smile. Nothing about him stood out. He always wore the same jeans and sweater. He roughly had dark brown hair resembling mine and even darker brown eyes. He used to be my brother. In the dreams, I noticed, he’d cautiously lift hisContinue reading “this is Georgiana. chapter one”