how to grow up

I don’t have a saying or a wise introduction. Nothing dramatic. Just, here’s how to grow up. In my family, growing up was always different from maturing. Maturing was becoming an adult at an age of a teen (my sisters). It was about not pointing at what we want at the age of eight (myContinue reading “how to grow up”

walking, running, stopping, and walking again

Everyone has moments when they just want to retreat from anyone and everyone who make them feel less than they should be. I get a lot of those days and I deal with it. I think I’ve gotten better at it through these few years. I’m not perfect at it but I can say thatContinue reading “walking, running, stopping, and walking again”

Poem 92

amitiés dimanche teas and cupcakes you’re invited for today, the coming week, and for the next infinity. i’ll pour you one, to return the gesture, giving as much as i take. we’ll laugh, cry, and love. you may be broken but we’ve got tape, glue, and ribbons. i may become unhappy but you’ve got jokes, smiles,Continue reading “Poem 92”

dancing around the idea of sisterhood

Ever since a figure resembling the Virgin Mary saving my life during one of my worst nightmares, I’ve danced around the idea of sisterhood. The convent life tickles my curiosity and embraces me with warmth I can’t completely describe.